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SBM Lanyard with Dutch / Netherlands ID Tag
SBM Lanyard with Dutch / Netherlands ID Tag

SBM Lanyard with Dutch / Netherlands ID Tag

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Our lanyard is here complete with a twist! This version is perfect for car meets and comes complete with a Dutch / Netherlands style registration plate.

We've all been to those car meets.

You know the cars & registrations but you've never met the owners.

It's all a bit awkward.

We've put together our lanyard complete with ID badge as a bit of fun.

Wear it, meet new people, then have the lanyard for a more normal use! We couldn't decide if it should be blue or yellow so we did both - So Swede it almost hurts!

Made from super soft 20mm wide ribbon, our lanyard is printed on both sides and hangs 450mm in length.

ID cards are double sided, perfect if you want your name one side and your nickname / cars name on the other.

Note: We're not mind readers (although we're working on it) so when you click "View Cart" please add your Name(s) and Registration for your plate in the notes section before you checkout so we know what to print. Alternatively email us at and let us know. If you leave it blank and we haven't heard from you we'll try and get in touch, if we don't hear back we'll send you a blank version for you to fill in.